First time in London!!! Well, officially. I am not going to count the time that I arrived at Heathrow airport at 11pm alone with my two children ages 5 and 3, delirious and jet lagged. We had to go through customs, collect our luggage, and find the right bus to our hotel only to return at 6 am the next morning. I saw nothing but the back of my eyelids. It’s a bit foggy…

So, my first real time in London 🙂 My friend Ola asked me to go to a Prayer Spaces in school development day that was taking place at Holy Trinity Church Brompton (the church where Alpha Course was founded!) so that we could get more info on how to get prayer rooms started at schools in Warsaw. This initiative has grown out of the 24/7 prayer movement that many of us are so familiar with. We met some amazing people who have inspired us to start praying as to how to get this going in Poland. Greg and I started a prayer room at Samuel School two years ago but we know that if a heart for prayer is to continue after we leave then we need to train others and ignite the passion for prayer in the youth and teachers. Ola is a true intercessor and I was so excited that she found this opportunity on her own and asked me to come along with her. We really have been inspired. Pray with us that these prayer spaces can pop up in schools around Poland.

Originally we planned to take the 6am direct flight from Warsaw to London at return by 11:30 pm the same day! But Ola’s dear husband “convinced” us to stay another day. We might as well do a little sight-seeing! He didn’t really have to twist our arms to look for a later flight and so it ended up that the cheapest option was for us to return Sunday night. There is a Polish saying, “Dasz im mały palec, to wezmą całą rękę” or “If you give them your little finger, they will take your whole hand.” Well we took the whole weekend! It was so wonderful to be able to have the freedom to go wherever we wanted with no worries of the littles whining, fighting, crying, or complaining. We waited in line with no complaints. We hopped onto buses and the tube without frantically counting if all the kids were with us. We stayed out late, relaxed, did sight-seeing, talked, prayed, cried, laughed, walked, walked, walked, and walked with no interruptions. I forgot what it was like to just have time together with a friend and no one else demanding my attention. Woohoo, it was a life-giving weekend.

We enjoyed beautiful sunny weather for most of the weekend. The only time it rained was Saturday morning but it was perfect timing because we had planned to spend our day at the Natural History Museum. Saying it is big is an understatement. We spent about four hours walking through the exhibits and by the time we left the weather had cleared up, it was sunny and warm(ish).

We saw just about as much as we could see in the time we had. There was even time to go to our hosts church Sunday morning, Ealing Christian Centre (ECC), before we headed out to Buckingham Palace. ECC is a christian fellowship of about 100 different nations – we got a true feel of the diversity of the body of Christ (and of London too!) Ola and I were truly blessed this weekend and are looking forward to what God has for the prayer spaces in Warsaw. This weekend won’t be forgotten! Thank you to our hosts who so generously fed us and let us stay with them at no cost. It was a rich time for us – spiritually and experientially.

Below is a gallery of some of the pictures I took. Click on the picture to enlarge it and see the caption.


Weekend in London
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