Whew! What a whirlwind way to begin 2012! Most of you know we travelled 2400 miles cross-country to California in order to jump on a plane to Kona, Hawaii to begin a new chapter book in our family. We arrived safe and sound, and have conquered (somewhat) our jet/travel lag. Yesterday was our first official full day of class. Our course, Principles of Child and Youth Ministry (PCYM), consists of a 12-week lecture phase where we have a different topic to learn and study through each week. I’m super excited to kick it off with the founder of KKI (King’s Kids International) Dale Kauffman. I heard him teach in Barcelona, Spain a year or so ago and couldn’t wait to sit under his teaching again. One thing he said that struck a chord with me today is:

We need to recognize the home as the center of transforming and discipling nations. 

He is speaking of the importance of the biological family, spiritual family, and discipleship being integrated in order to bring others into His unshakable kingdom. Since we are not guaranteed religious freedom in the future, we cannot depend on our Christian programs to be enough to do this. The roots of the kingdom need to be deeper – deeper within our home, church, small groups, and daily way of life. Dale believes these three agencies need to be strengthened. 

Students again!
Arrival day- girls with one of the Foundation School teachers

The girls have both started classes as well! They are in separate classes. At first this was a bummer for both of them since we were told they would be together. But I’m thankful they’ve been split up. It gives Hannah a better opportunity to discover who she is without big sis showing her who to be! They have both made friends and love their teachers 🙂 I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for both of them. The girls will have some DTS (Discipleship Training School) teaching in their classes and will spend time hearing from the Lord. I can’t wait to see what Father has for them!

Airport in Honolulu- open air style!
Monday morning corporate worship

Thank you for reading and for your love and support! We wouldn’t be here without it 🙂

Week 1 Day 1
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