We had the privilege to spend a week in Germany with new friends which we met in Poland. Two of the families came with the big MOVE 2010 team which was here for the last half of July. We really bonded with them and so we took the opportunity to visit them during our month off in August. One of the churches from Germany blessed us (a lot!) with money so we could do something together as a family. Our girls really clicked with the children from Germany so we thought it’d be a perfect time to head over and see them again. We had a wonderful time relaxing and getting to know the families better. We were on the road a lot… over 2,500km (1553 miles) to be exact! And our car didn’t like that… we broke down on the way to our first stop only 20 minutes from our hotel in Dresden (point B on the map)! We called our mechanic, family, and friends trying to figure out what to do, but after praying with the girls the car started and we were off to the hotel! Praise God!


That evening we walked around Dresden… but only close to the hotel. We were scared to use the car until we could take in to the mechanic the next morning. So we walked down to the Elbe River which was really high and ate in a cute cafe. Here are some pictures from our evening. Click play…

The next morning the mechanic checked our car and the diagnostic test said it was a crank shaft cable that needed to be changed. Unfortunately there wasn’t one available and would need to be ordered. We decided to risk it and drive 400 km to our next stop and we would order the part there and have it changed. And we made it all the way to stop C in Mulheim and spent time with the Pust family. It was awesome to see them again and the kids quickly warmed up towards each other: they had fun playing outside in the sandbox, swinging, kicking the soccer ball. We drove around some to see the area and on Saturday we all went to the most amazing zoo! Here are some pictures from that!

 We also had the chance to share in front of the church in Mulhiem. Clemens translated for Greg as he shared from his heart how thankful he was that the church sent the youth to Poland to serve us for two weeks.

On Monday the car got fixed and then we headed off to Bremen, point D on the map to visit the Zobecs. We arrived on Markus’ birthday (lucky us!) so we enjoyed an amazing dinner with them and another couple that was in Germany. We also visited the pigs, cows, and fresh farmer’s market. The girls had fun spending time with the kids there and running around in the yard and seeing the animals. The next day we headed to the town center– it is the cutest place! Greg and I fell in love with the city. I saw the stark contrast between Ruda Slaska and Germany here. I know there are ugly places in Germany, but I really was impressed that these youth were willing to come to such a beat-up run-down place in Poland and serve. We enjoyed the beauty of Bremen immensely. We also had a date night and went out to a restaurant appropriately named “Luv” on the riverfront. Greg’s yummy steak salad:

From there we drove to Berlin. Ahhh, Berlin! I love this city! I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to be there so often in the past year and a half. This time we went to the aquarium since we’d never been. Claus and his daughter Lara took us there with some awesome coupons and afterwards we met his wife and all went out for Thai food. The girls completely attached themselves to Lara and she was so patient with them. The next day she even took them to a very fun pottery store to paint their own plates! In a few days we should receive them in the mail after they’ve been glazed and cooked. We can’t wait! Here’s some pictures from our time in Berlin!

Here’s our favorite fish in action: they looked like stones lying on the bottom of the ocean!

And one of the coolest things there is an aquarium that you take an elevator up into and then back down. Here’s what it looked like:

I’m sure there is a lot more I could say and a lot that I’m forgetting. But this is a very long post for me so I’ll leave it here. But thank you to all who hosted us in Germany! We had such a great time and really relaxed 🙂 Can’t wait to come back again! ~Erin

Time in Germany
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  • September 1, 2010 at 1:33 am

    haha! too cute with your video post, "It's moving! The fish is moving!" Can't wait to see you guys!! Yay for Berlin!!


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