Tate Farms

I bought an awesome Groupon for Tate Farms. This was our first time there (which is apparently a North Alabama tradition for most) and we got in for half price but had some full-on fun! We took tons of pictures

Autumn Sky Study

I have been homeschooling my kindergartener now for about two month. Though it’s been rather hectic since I’m not a natural at time-management, we’ve enjoyed what we have been learning! We just started our autumn sky lessons and we are

Scanned Leaves

I’ve always wanted to keep dry leaves in our nature journal but have struggled with a solution to keep it from getting messy! Well here we go! Awesome idea 🙂 Harmony Art Mom: Art Ideas: Trees!: Scan some leaves and

Outdoor Nature Hour

Despite the terrible cold and winter we’ve been experiencing for the past month (or due to it!) I’ve decided to finally get outdoors. Our tiny 690 sq. ft apartment is making me stir-crazy and the girls so we are starting