Today for our Outdoor Hour Challenge we went out in search for Dragonflies. At first we headed to Braham Spring Park thinking that since there is a big pond that surely there would be plenty of dragonflies. We were wrong! We saw only one insect- a cricket. Our deduction as to why is because there are at least a hundred ducks and geese there to ward off any insect life and with no natural habitat for the dragonflies to take shelter it seemed quite a dangerous place for them to live! We will return there to study ducks and geese next week! We took plenty of great pictures there!

We decided to head over to a different pond with fewer birds and people for that matter, and went to Jones Farm Pond. We hadn’t even turned into the parking lot when we spotted a dragonfly outside of our car. We knew this was the right place. Mr. G, A and H and I hopped out of the car with the camera in hand and were able to snap some wonderful photos of what we spotted. Here are A’s observations from our nature hour:

OHC #28 Dragonflies and Damselflies
Location: Jones Farm Park
Season: Late Summer
Weather: Sunny/Partly Cloudy
What are some sounds you heard?: Wind, dragonflies buzzing, birds singing, ducks quacking, cars driving past.
What are some things you saw?: Ducks, geese, dragonflies (lots!), a turtle, grass, waves, covered picnic area, water, fish, duck poop, trees, butterflies, and birds.
Description of the dragonflies we saw:
When the dragonfly landed, his wings were open. It’s individual wings were each shaped like and individual sunflower petal. It had striped wings of tan and black. Six legs and four wings. We also saw a dragonfly that has a blue body with wings that are white on the outside edges and brown/black on the inside edges. It was bigger than the other dragonfly. We also noticed that when the sun went behind the clouds the dragonflies hid and it was hard to find them!

Halloween Pennant

We are still trying to identify these dragonflies. When I find out the names, I will update the blog. Update: Aug. 29th, 2011- I have found the name of the first dragonfly after perusing many pictures online. Now onto the second one! I’m feeling accomplished!

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5 thoughts on “Dragonflies

  • August 22, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    What a variety of dragonflies you observed! Wow the first dragonfly image is fantastic! I am so glad you didn't give up after the first pond because you really did get a great opportunity to see some dragonflies in real life. Thank you so much for sharing your link with the OHC. I look forward to seeing your duck study.

  • August 31, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    I love the stripes on the one and the blues on the other. Wow!


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