In the beginning of August around 90 participants arrived in a beautiful town called Ostróda. It was an amazing experience to see  families and singles coming from different cities in Poland. 

Ostróda is an old town located in the northeast part of Poland in the land where there are many water canals and lakes. It is a town where the Teutonic knights built their castle – one of the hundreds of defense castles on the road to the capitol Malbork. In the XVII century even Napoleon was staying here for a couple of days while he was heading to Moscow with his army. 

We wanted to better know this city and to connect (which is why we called our camp “Connected”), connected to Jesus first and then to each other as one body.

We had the privilege to host a wonderful couple from Germany , the Sheuberts, who taught about the Father Heart of God and how to listen to God’s voice and be obedient! 

One of the very important points in our camp was to experience Living the Kingdom of God Together as generations. 

We prayed and try to learn how to listen to God and ask Him what is in His heart for the city so we can prepare outreach.

First we went all of us to the city to learn what Jesus sees, what is in His heart to be able to see a clearer picture. It was such an amazing picture of generations walking together and praying and asking God … little children, youth and seniors.The next day we we all gathered and shared what we saw and then we prepared to be able to serve that afternoon.

When we went to the city the weather wasn’t good, it was actually raining. Our faces weren’t happy, we were discouraged, but instead of complaining we started to worship God and pray and pretty soon the sun came out!  YAY! We later found out that at our camp which was around 4 km away, it was pouring down rain the whole time yet our outreach location had sun, wow! The crowd of people was filling our outreach stations and started to participate in many activities around. We had stations like ” Love, Joy, and Happiness from God” slalom,  “God made me unique” art table, face painting, and sports competitions. We felt as one body, body of Christ that can serve to the society, pray for people and ask them to open heart for HIM. This day we shared around 200 Bibles and found in the park only 3 left on the benches. Pray these people dig into God’s word so they may find eternal life!

Numerous bible verses were shared with people pointing to hope, forgiveness and love from God. Many liters of paint were left on happy kids faces, colorful paper and paper dolls we cut and decorated in the tent which was led by our youngest generation, the story of Jesus was shared to the kids who sat calmly on the grass and were able to listen. God even brought back to us a lady who was ministered to last year by our team – she had stopped drinking and really turned her life around after an encounter with God during the outreach a year ago!

One specific station was a place where people could write what they were thankful for about Ostróda. A big cardboard heart was set up for people to express how they feel about the city, how they can be thankful to God for the City. The goal was to encourage people to write good things as an encouragement for the local government that they do a good job.

Next day we went to give the big heart to the Mayor of the town, how surprised the secretary was when she find out that we were coming not to protest but to bless because we had been so blessed by the city. It was a touching moment when we were able to give the deputy mayor the heart and say something totally opposite to the complaints they usually hear. At the end we asked the mayor if we could pray for him and he said yes thinking that we would do it somewhere else. But, as always, we prayed for him right there in his office, which was another surprise for the mayor! He was really touched and encouraged, for sure, telling us that he wanted to put this heart on the main entry door to the City Hall.
Well, this is only one of many stories but we know that families learned how to work together, how to serve together and how to encourage each other 🙂 !


Connected Family Camp 2016
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