It started with Abigail waking up from her nap onJune 28th with a low-grade fever. We headed off to the motor bike festival we were hosting next to the King’s Kids Club. Thirty minutes into the fun and I discovered two bumps on Abi- one on her back on on her neck. So off we went to the pharmacy and then to the doctor. Poor Abigail. The weather finally turned warm- warm enough to strip off the sweaters and lather on sunscreen and bug spray- honestly, the smell of bug spray is invigorating after freezing it up for 7 months! We had a birthday party planned for Hannah July 1st at McDonald’s for her 3rd birthday but had to cancel to due Abi’s chicken pox. We were all so bummed- Greg called all the parents from preschool to let them know we’d have to reschedule. I’m sure they were soon seeing spots on their kiddos as well!

Abi was a trooper. She didn’t scratch! If necessary she rubbed only with her knuckles… she was so cute trying to do the right thing. She was not a fan of oatmeal baths, though. They helped her sooo much but the thought of sitting in her breakfast did not go over well! She had CP everywhere- in her ears, mouth, bottom… and they were so big. But she began to clear up within a week of her first spots. And the only scar on her face in on the side of her nose. I think she did pretty well! One down, one to go…
Two weeks go by and Hannah is still ok! We’d been busy planning for a group from Germany of 150+ people coming. Tuesday July 13th arrives and brings Claus, his daughter, and a couple of other girls to meet with us, see the school where the group is staying, and make a to-do list before the entire group arrived. We met them at the club, Aniela made yummy soup and dinner for everyone, and Hannah began to act whiny and unhappy. My first thought was, “Oh no! Chicken pox. God please, no!” We went home, I gave her medicine for her fever and put her to bed. And, yes, she woke up the next morning with spots ☺ right before the group was coming, ugh!

I was so frustrated. I kept thinking to myself, “Why, why, why? We are hosting our biggest team ever! We’ve been planning this for so long and now we have to have chicken pox?!” But I knew that this is life and that God would show me something through all of it. And so, we stayed home for five more days. They were the longest days I can remember. We lied around, watched tv, sat on the balcony, took baths in oatmeal (Hannah thought that was funny and had no problem with it at all!), read books, and spent a couple hours a day putting medicine on each of her spots. I first thought there was no way she could get CP worse than Abi, but of course I was wrong. Hannah’s were very small but all clustered together. So in the space of a half dollar she had about 30 chicken pox. It was terrible… and they hurt instead of itching. Poor thing.

And then the team from Germany came Friday the 16th. We ventured out around Sunday to meet everyone. Three families came- two of them had kids Abi and Hannah’s age. So there were seven kids with three languages. It was so interesting watching the dynamics of it all. Two of the kids only spoke German, three spoke English and German, and mine of course speak English and Polish. But they all coped and got along well. Kids are kids no matter where they live or what language they speak! And at that age language is not a boundary that’s hard to cross. One who only spoke German quickly picked up some English words from all of us. It’s fascinating how fear of sounding strange or saying something the wrong way does not hinder kids like it does adults. It’s a shame that we let fear of what others think control what we do or don’t do! I want to be as a child in that way!
So, as of now, we are finished with chicken pox! At least I know I won’t have to deal with it again. And if we have more kids then I will get them immunized! And we can’t wait to visit our new friends in Germany. I would love to keep in touch with them. I know it’s difficult especially when we live so far away from each other, but I really enjoyed getting to know the two moms and their kids. It would be terrible to lose touch with them! My girls loved playing with the children and keep asking to go see them too. We’ll see what the future holds! I hope it’s many trips to Germany!

Abi after her oatmeal bath. She had a problem bathing in food!

Hannah watching cartoons dealing with chicken pox

Sunday in the park with the German team

Playing on the playground with new friends

Capture the flag in the middle of Ruda Slaska

Chicken Pox
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