As believers  I think we often miss this point below.

The right challenge: Young people today respond to challenge in academic subjects, or sport, music, cars, computer games … They often willingly sacrifice their own time, money and even relationships to achieve their goals. Sadly, however, for those we come into contact with in church, we often seem reluctant to challenge them in their Christian lives. Surely the gospel presents the biggest challenge ever – to live radical, sold-out lives for Jesus Christ – yes, calling for many of the same sacrifices, but also with the greatest rewards. There’s a danger of only giving negative challenge – stay out of sin, don’t have sex, obey parents, etc. (Would you get excited about that?!) We believe that young people need and respond to positive spiritual challenge, such as Jesus gave when he called his disciples – “Come, give up everything, follow me”. 

Greg and I are responsible for bible hour and character development this year at the Samuel School. Although we just got the final details (school starts in less than a week!!!!) we had a general idea that this is what we would be doing. I am sitting here at the computer trying to wrap my brain around putting together a curriculum for 1st through 8th grade (what have we agreed to here?!) and I decided to open up some old King’s Kids material that is “Daniel Prayer Groups”. I’m looking through it to get some inspiration and the above quote jumped out at me so I really wanted to share it. I don’t want to shy back from the incredible opportunity we’ve been handed this year to shape these precious children! What a gift we’ve been given to share the love and character of our Father and challenge these young uns to live a sold-out life for Christ. This year is gonna be world-changing! I’m so excited 🙂


Challenging young people
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  • September 18, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    i really like that quote! yes, yes, yes! blessings of life and joy as y’all do this school!!!


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