We would like to share with you how we became connected with Joseph Konig School in Haltern am See, Germany. It is a long somewhat detailed story but I believe it is worth sharing. It began Monday the 23 of March 
when we were praying and preparing for the school Easter celebration. Our hearts were to connect the generations together and bring Jesus glory and joy to His heart! 
The picture of a heart was the symbol we received while we prayed with another Christian educator, Mary, who later asked the question what are we going to do with this BIG heart after Easter?

Tuesday, the 24th of March 
we received the horrible news about a plane crash where 16 students and 2 teachers died from Gymnasium in Haltern, Germany along with 135 passengers. We again prayed and asked God what is in His heart for us Poles and students from our school. God showed us the Heart ( which we hadn’t yet made ) to pass it on to the School. 
But the questions came – How are we going to do it? How will we get there? Who should go? 
We wrote a text message to our friend in Krakow to pray and ask God if He would like to do something among the students at the Krakow Christian School. 
Monika said we will pray about it.

Wednesday, the 25th of March 
we gathered with some parents, our ministry team, and the principal and vice-prinipal of our school to pray and seek God about the Easter celebration. It was an amazing time to listen to God and worship Him!

Friday, the 27th of March 
Monika received the vision of a meadow which was so beautiful but covered by a dark shadow yet over it there was a colorful butterfly flying. She asked God what does this impression mean? She remembered 6 months ago she was in Germany and bought a Bible. This day she also looked at the “31 Biblical values to pray for your kids” calendar and she found that this day was HOPE. 
Monika found the Bible and on the cover was written: “Hope for everyone” and there was a picture of a butterfly 🙂 !
 More Bible verses came to her heart: “I and only I am thy comforter”, “The word of God is quick, powerful, and sharper than any sword…”
 She knew that we should GO to Germany!

Monday, the 30th of March I (Greg) did not want to go to the school that day because I was tired of my junior high students who one week before gave me a really hard time. There was no substitute teacher available so I had to go to class. Having nothing prepared except Monika’s vision and paint brushes, paint and a little bit of faith …..
I prayed, “LORD, if we are suppose to go please let the students be part of it and please, God, speak to their hearts, NOT to their minds.” I DID NOT want to see just a project or charity but that God would pick those who had the vision in their hearts!! 
I shared the testimony and about the plane crash and then we sat silent before God confessing our sins to be pure before HIM and then we started listening. Whoever was ready could come put their hand in the paint and stick it to the big heart as an act of Blessing and Unity for Easter and for the school in Haltern. That was a key point because we wanted to go but first we had to be united as a school and families in order to go bless others!

After the lesson I was humbled and joyful that there had not been a substitute teacher available for me because afterwards two of the students came to me saying that they wanted to go to Germany to Bless and Pray! WOW thank you Jesus that the pieces are falling into place! 

In the mean time that day we had our prayer meeting with a few pupils from 1st and 2nd grades who were moved by God to show a song “NOT BY MIGHT” from Zachariah 4:6 “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.” They danced this song and I knew this was the Lord showing me He would put it all together!

Tuesday, the 31st of March 
was the day of the Easter program at school. That morning before 8:00 I received a text message that another student could not sleep the previous night and she also wanted to go with us to Germany. She actually was ready to talk to me the day before but for some reason she was afraid to ask me and wasn’t sure that this was from her or from God. She could not sleep all night and prayed and ask God if she could go and God said to her yes, I want you to GO. 
Later on we found out that she did not have any valid passport or ID (she is half polish half Nicaraguan ) so we asked the LORD WAS SHE SUPPOSED TO GO? The EU borders are open but sometimes there is border control, her parents called me and said that they have peace and they want her to go.

The Easter program went really well with 5 different prayer stations that engaged the parents, teachers and students. We had the heart up front as a symbol of being united in Him and of God’s heart for the nations. We explained to the audience that God put it in our hearts to take this big paper heart to Germany and most people were really excited!

Friday, April 10th we 
couldn’t find any van to rent or a place to sleep! We hadn’t gotten a response from Holland nor Germany. 
We had an appointment with the principal in Germany for Monday and had money provided by one man who felt in his heart to pay for the car and food. 

An hour before our first meeting with the students and parents from Warsaw, we received a message from a church in Mulheim, Germany that we have accommodation and food. 
We still did not have a car – in fact I spent 400 dollars for a down-payment to book a 9-seater van which I found out later was not even available! But I knew – I TRUST YOU, GOD! At the meeting the parents were full of trust, faith and hope (one of the moms said that she wanted to send her daughter earlier for our mission trips but she was so afraid to do it and NOW in this moment she is full of PEACE).  Their kids’ stories of experiencing God speaking to them influenced and impacted the parents, I’m sure that the kids’ heart attitudes and purity spoke more than anything else and brought the peace to the parents hearts!

Saturday, April 11th a day before departure 
I still do not have a van, there is nothing available in Warsaw. Everything else had been prepared BY GOD obviously and I knew God is teaching me some lesson. Erin is calming me down but this day she was at a conference we were planning to attend together. The night before I had decided to take a bus to Krakow Saturday in hopes to find a van there. 
That morning I was praying and worshiping God with my children and had a wonderful time with them. 
Later on I had a phone call from Krakow, check your email you have a train ticket to Krakow in a few hours and the van is rented and waiting for you there… I was speechless… I could get the van and bring the 3 people from Krakow back with me and we could all leave from Warsaw Sunday morning. 
God took care for everything, literally everything, money for gasoline, food and rental!

Sunday, the 12th of April 
we are in the car going to Germany! 🙂 With no clue what is waiting for us in Haltern am See, we asked God to speak to us as we drove and He showed us a few things and bible verses … awesome time with teens and the older generation with us – multigenerational! 
We arrived safe and everything was waiting for us …WOW GOD, I’m amazed by His provision.

Monday the 13th of April 
during the preparation of our hearts God confirmed two things through Monika: 
PURITY AND OBEDIENCE. We already obeyed His call now we need to be sure that our hearts before God are pure and clean as we go to the Gymnasium.

 As we drove the 40 minutes from the church to the school, we continued our quiet time with God ready for what was waiting for us.

When we entered the school, there was Mr. Norbert, a German teacher who spoke Polish! 
We were amazed and a little bit shocked. We had our introductions and he said that the principal may not have time to meet with us because he is really busy since it’s the first day back at school after spring break and exams are starting. We agreed but after Norbert left the room we started to pray and ask God please let us have a chance to pray over the principal!

Our time in the memory room was really special and touched our students. What we noticed was there was nothing about God, only poems, some thoughts, drawings and different things… so we knew that we should spend time and pray there so we did. Afterwards we went to the Catholic church where there was a designated corner with the names of the victims and candles. We prayed there as well and read psalms and proclaimed HOPE.

Later Norbert unexpectedly invited us to a coffee place and bought us ice cream and coffee. He gave us his time where I could then share my testimony about how Jesus changed my life. 
As we walked back to the school we explained why we came and why it was so important to us to be obedient to God. He was really touched and moved. We thought that this will be the end of our time at the school but GOD moved the schedule and while we waited in the teachers room the principal came and welcomed us warmly saying thank you for our efforts! 
We were able to explain the meaning of the heart we made and Monika shared her vision she’d received that was the basis of why we came. She gave him THE BIBLE and a few other things like bible verses made by students. He was so thankful and said that actually today he had a meeting with the parents of the victims and he will read them the Bible verses and will share that we came to bring Hope. We asked if we could pray for him, and our students were praying and blessing… it was so special for them to be a part of something which was in God’s heart. The principal took the heart and put it above all the candles and poems on stage. After the visit we felt led by the Holy Spirit to pray at the train station. 
We worshiped God inside of the train station and proclaimed victory – we noticed that this was the last point for the students who went from school to the airport not knowing they would never come back. 
So we started to pray against spirit of suicide and proclaiming HOPE and GOD’s VICTORY! 
Then we prayed in the front of the school for protection and that He will raise some churches around who will be able to serve and pray for those who are sad!

Tuesday the 14th of April 
we left Germany knowing we’d obeyed and inspired the church where we slept. The pastor called us while we drove back and thanked us for giving them such a big example of obedience and inspiring them to be bold too….

We are praying that He will bless and inspire those we met and talked with. 
As we talked on the way back we realized that we may be the one group who came and prayed for the principal and that may be true… but the most important thing was that we were obedient to His call. 

Thank you for praying for us!

All Glory and Honor to God Almighty for what He has done for us and what He called us to do! 

Greg, Erin, Monika, Mary, Elisa, Zosia, Michal, Noemi, Zuzia

our team
Heart of blessing
driving by faith
Driving by faith
Blessing Joseph König School in Germany

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