A little story

Let me just say I’ve been on a wild ride so I’ll attempt to be brief! I was born and raised in Alabama when I started to get an itch for something bigger than just my “sweet home”. So in 2003 I flew to Budapest, Hungary for what I thought would be a six-month adventure. Little did I know in that enchanted city I would meet my Polish prince who would sweep me off my feet and carry me away to his hometown in southern Poland. Needless to say it was a bit of a bumpy ride with the cross-cultural acclimation, language learning, and maternal responsibility that came with two little princesses. Yet I wouldn’t have changed my trials for the hollow American dream which challenged me to dig deep into me and hold on tight to the Lord as He stretched me into maturation. What I’ve learned over the years is that life takes many sudden and unexpected turns. Regardless of where it leads me, what’s important is that I journey through it together with my family and my Heavenly Father.


What am I doing?


Video of the impact of KK Poland and the current needs for Greg, Erin, and the ministry
How can you be a part of what’s going on here in Poland? Well there are many ways that people get involved.  You can be part of our prayer team, our personal financial support team, our ministry support team, or bring an short-term outreach team. There is definitely a place for you! Don’t miss out… please join in with the exciting life transformations happening in the youth and families of Poland!

YWAM Poland (Młodzież z Misją Polska) is a registered non-profit foundation in Poland and we rely on the generosity of ministry partners to enable the work we do. As independently supported missionaries we serve on staff with YWAM Poland and are the National Leaders for King’s Kids International (KKI) Polska. We are able to be in Poland thanks to the prayers and financial support of friends and local churches. Our current needs include:

Ministry Financial Needs:

  • Travel and logistics- $200/month
  • Single mothers’ ministry fund- $100/month
  • YWAM base and office- $1,000/month

Personal Financial Needs:

If the ministry needs above were met then we would spend a lot let of our own personal funding and our finances would cover our family costs. With that being said we do need $250,000 or qualification for home loan. We can purchase a house for the same we pay in renting an apartment- we’d like to use our resources wisely and pay towards something we own. Please pray for this with us!

Prayer Needs:

  • Our health. Greg has chronic problems with his thyroid… it’s under-active and he’s on medicine yet it is still difficult to regulate. He’s constantly tired, irritated, nervous… all due to his thyroid. Erin and the girls have sinus problems because of air pollution in the industrial region they are living in. Please pray for healing of these health problems.
  • Wisdom and guidance in leading the KKI Poland in this time of growth.
  • Protection for family against spiritual attacks of the enemy.
  • Growth for new believers and maturation of the church.


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