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Winter 2014 Update Available

March 22, 2014 in Ministry

Belgium European KKI Conference

November 4, 2013 in Ministry

October 20-23rd we were in Belgium for our annual KKI conference. This was the first time for me in Belgium and it was the most charming place! Whenever I head to Western Europe I’m jolted with the blaring differences in aesthetics compared to Central Europe. :) I took a few pictures!!



I loved the cute mailboxes, the quaintness of the village, and how clean everything was! Of course we enjoyed Belgium chocolate, waffles, and some game time as you can see below.



I was also reunited with Ilona from Finland whom I haven’t seen since we were in Hawaii together! She is taking over as National Director for KKI Finland (which has a HUGE network!)

Monday night those of us taking on national leaderships positions were prayed over during a very special time with our Kings Kids family. And Wednesday we got to go to Brussels and pray in the European Parliament for the leaders and that God’s voice would be heard there. It was very powerful (and eye opening for a girl from Alabama who has no idea how the European government works!) and of course we met a Polish woman who has invited us to bring a group of Polish students from Samuel School next year!





Worshipping God Generationally in Katowice

October 12, 2013 in Ministry

We had the honor to lead a Strong Together family worship time in Katowice October 5th with our former church fellowship. It was so much fun to give of ourselves and receive encouragement in return. There were ten families that joined us in worshipping our Creator! We began with a time of repentance, thankfulness, and dependence on the Holy Spirit to lead us and ended with food and fellowship. One family shared with us about their preschool daughter hearing from God after they heard us share at church how our daughter sought God’s council concerning a Barbie. We were so encouraged as the parents wept tears of joy as they told us how God had answered a long standing prayer on how to raise their children to hear God’s voice and seek Him in all things. We have been asked to come again and lead another Strong Together weekend. Pray for the families in this church who are seeking God’s priorities in raising children.








by Erin

First day of school

September 3, 2013 in Family by Erin

September 2. It’s time to go back to school! Abigail is beginning second grade and Hannah is beginning kindergarten. If we lived in America Hannah would definitely be in first grade. But because the system here is so different I decided to put her in kindergarten. Most of her friends from last year are also in her class so I really believe this is going to be a good year for her – as she has a new teacher. Most of Abigail’s friends also returned to Samuel School. Greg and I got to lead worship in our own creative King’s Kids way. The whole gymnasium was dancing during the opening ceremony! We return to teach Bible hour and I will teach conversational English.








I can’t believe how big they are! They are growing up so fast and I don’t want to miss one minute of it.

by Erin

VBS and English with Rivertree Pictures

September 3, 2013 in Family, Ministry by Erin

Time with Rivertree in July. Here is a compilation of pictures! Click on the thumbnail to view full screen.

by Erin

Family Camp Pictures

September 3, 2013 in Family, Ministry by Erin

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will let them do the talking! Click on the thumbnail to see the picture full screen.

by Erin

Strong Together: Tadausz

July 26, 2013 in Ministry by Erin

Sitting and listening to some song where I can hear: “You are good, You are good, When there’s nothing good in me.  You are Love, You are love on display for all to see….. You are light You are Light …”

Greg & Tada

Greg & Tada

God was good to bring Tada from Czech Republic who blew my mind and changed my attitude. Tada (Tadausz) is a nice man, 25 years old who came to our camp with his amazing revolutionary mom. He was born with down syndrome but his mom never gave up on him, although his dad did, leaving the family after a few months ….  we thought what a sad story, but not for Tada.

He became a Christian and at age 8 went for his first mission trip with KKI.  Since this time he is following God. He is the one who changed the whole Czech Republic education system b/c he went to a normal public school and finished!! Tada can read and write. He is  famous in Czech Republic who acts in movies and plays. He loves JESUS and sharing His love to  others!

I’m blessed that he was able to be in our camp and mission outreaches to the senior home, streets and orphanage, playgrounds! Wherever he showed up he made people’s DAY, bringing SMILES and LOVE! I think He didn’t have enough of sharing his love and when the Czech team had to return home he seemed a  little bit upset to leave. Tada for sure brought LIFE and HOPE!



by Erin

Turn it up! VBS with kids in Warsaw

July 3, 2013 in Ministry by Erin

We started officially meeting with 20 kids the first week of July and had a wonderful time learning about God’s Story,making crafts, singing and dancing! It was nice to see Ava leading and sharing the stories and really involving kids. It was so fun working with Euromission, Rivertree, and the district officials of Wawer. We’ve had feedback from some of the parents and they really love it the way God is presented to the kids and the time they have with us foreigners. It is really amazing HOW people from different countries have a big impact for us Poles by just being here. We took first time Public transportation which took us about 40 minutes to get to from the church in the center of Warsaw to the district of Wawer. So far the authorities are pleased with us so pray that they will know more about Jesus!

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